It has now been many years since I first started constructing shamanic drums. The process has been arduous and my hands bear witness with their callouses, to the hours spent scraping hides, stretching hides, cleaning hides…

The entire process is one of dedication to Spirit, from beginning to end. The skins I use are sourced from hunters, either local to me here in the Black forest in Germany, across the border in France and Switzerland, or sourced from established contacts in the UK.

I work as a ritual of devotion to prepare the carefully selected skins, burning incense and with a candle lit for most of the process.

The drum making occurs on specific dates at specific times according to auguries, so i am often at my busiest during full moon, new moon, equinox and solstices.

I offer shamanic healing, drum construction workshops, shamanic workshops, and am available for commissioned drums. Please contact me for further details.


mob+ 49 15252300448