Drums and drum making equipment for sale

Should you wish to have a drum commissioned, my prices start at €275 for a 14 inch drum. I use only 1 deer hide per drum, and any remaining rawhide is yours to keep to make shamanic rattles with or other spiritual craftwork. If you commission a drum we will agree on the size, what the skin is to be soaked in, the date and time it is to be constructed. I will undergo a number of shamanic journeys to determine the precise intention of the Spirit of the drum and to make sure that the drum is exactly the right one for you.

If you wish to you may come and construct your own drum with me, as an individual. The price for this is currently €650 and includes all materials for up to an 20 inch drum. This is 1 days work, and it is a good idea to consider spending a night or two in the area.

You may also wish to attend a drum construction workshop. The price of this is €500 for a 2 day workshop with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 attendees.  If you are able to get a group together anywhere in the world, I may be able to travel to your area to run a construction workshop, so please contact me. I have worked throughout Europe, but also travel extensively to the Americas, Africa and Asia. I do offer workshops for over 4 people to a maximum of 6, contact me directly for more information.

Prices are exclusive of post and packaging as I would prefer you to come and see the drum in person before purchasing. However I am willing to post them to you, and am also willing to show them via Skype etc.

I am also able to provide drum making equipment, skins and hoops if you would rather do it yourself! Contact me with your requirements.

All drums come with a FREE beater.


I accept payment in Euros or GBP via bank transfer, or cash.

Please contact me on adamxhearn@gmail.com if you wish to place an order.

Massive Double sided Powwow Drum with Stand

Special price of €1200, COLLECTION ONLY


This double sided Bison drum took much longer than other drums to make, because of its sheer size and the thickness of the hide.

The skins are bison which were soaked in natural water with some chaga mushroom added. I also smudged the inside with chaga which I burn as an incense. Chaga is an extremely powerful healing mushroom and lends itself as a spirit ally for this drum. This is a drum for community empowerment and healing.

Cleansing the drum with chaga:


This drum is playable by up to 3 people at the same time. It is also possible to hang this drum vertically and play it like a gong. It would be ideal for any therapist with a large enough space, or for a community.