Here are some testimonials from people who have either attended drum-birthing workshops with me or purchased a drum from me. If you wish to write a testimonial please feel free to contact me!

Cher Adam
Je voudrais te remercier pour la qualité de ton accompagnement lors du stage de création de tambour chamanique; ton écoute et ton respect m’ont profondément touchée; je ne me savais pas capable de fabriquer mon propre tambour et pourtant il est là , bien vivant et présent ! Ce qui a été très important pour moi, c’est que j’ai pu créer un tambour a mon image; rien n’est imposé! jacques et moi avons un tambour totalement différent et un tambour qui nous ressemble.
Merveilleux stage, merveilleuse ambiance et FANTASTIQUE Adam Xavier Hearn
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Merveilleux stage, merveilleuse ambiance et FANTASTIQUE

Everyone is very impressed with my drum so please let me know when you’re doing another as may have friends who are interested!


Thanks so much for helping me birth my beautiful drum :-D

Truly I am humbled by my experience today – and after being such a cry baby recently – I am a bit ashamed of myself !

As I watched the tourists go by, taking in the stone circle, I was having an altogether different experience. Making my own drum in the quiet retreat of Avebury Village Hall. With the gentle guidance of Adam Xavier Hearn, who lovingly soaked our skins on the night of the full moon. My first shamanic drum was born.



Humbling experience

Photos from today
Thank you Adam for a wonderful day and my wonderful drum.


Photos from today

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Adam both as a Shamanic healer and as a drum maker. Adam’s connection to spirit and his ability to be hollow bone for to spirit to communicate through is inspiring and a true gift to the world. What Adam facilitates with his drum making, is not just the making of a beautiful drum, it is also a rebirthing of the spirit of the animal into a new form. Because of Adam’s dedication to his work, he will only make drums from skins where the spirit of the animals gives it permissions for its skin to be used. This process brings the actual drum to life in the most glorious and powerful way, gifting the spirit a new voice through the drum and in turn the drum and spirit in turn become a gift to the owner and the world, singing once again.


Absolute pleasure

Had the opportunity of using my drum at an interview today! That’s a first for the NHS x thank you for all your positivity. Hope your workshop goes well, lucky people birthing their drum with you x


Thank you